Emergency & 24 hour help call

Emergency & 24 hour help call

Inpatient Treatment

Parkside is a leader in Tulsa’s inpatient mental health care with programs designed to stabilize and treat people in crisis. Our facilities offer both an inpatient hospital unit for younger adults, and an inpatient hospital with  units for youth ages 13 to 17 years old, “tweens” aged 11-12  and children ages 5 to 10. In all  treatment units, patients benefit from physician directed care, intensive daily structure, individualized treatment plans, and various therapy groups.

Inpatient Mental Health Services include:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Medical Detox
  • Individual Therapies
  • Group & Family Therapies
  • Care for those with Dual Diagnosis
  • Case Management & Discharge Planning

Child and Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health

Youth between 5 and 17 years of age who require crisis stabilization or inpatient psychiatric care can receive treatment at Parkside’s hospital. Boys and girls suffering with depression, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma, and behavioral problems learn skills designed to help them respond to life’s challenges in a healthier manner. Participation in expressive therapy groups encourages the development of social skills. Family therapy, for those with families, is required and is critical to positive treatment outcomes. School is provided on-site, and structured physical and recreational activities are part of each child’s treatment.

Adult Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

At Parkside’s  adult hospital unit, also known as the “Momentum Young Adult Program”, the focus is on safety and stabilization. Patients in this program are voluntary admissions, ages 18-26, who engage with the treatment staff in a plan to increase self-awareness, build confidence and learn life and coping skills. Patients benefit from physician directed care, intensive daily structure, individualized treatment plans, psychosocial rehabilitation, and individual and group therapies. Family involvement and therapy is also emphasized as an important piece of the treatment process.

To discuss our Tulsa Inpatient Mental Health Services please contact us today. Phone: (918) 588-8888.