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Your Feedback

We Welcome Your Feedback!

Please share your comments with us. Your feedback, both positive and negative, will be shared with the appropriate staff. Please be as specific as possible. If you had a negative experience, a member of Parkside’s leadership team will review your message, make any related changes, and contact you, if you like. Positive feedback is very much appreciated, and allows us to acknowledge our staff. Thank you!

Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Results

For one week every six months, Parkside conducts an outpatient satisfaction survey. All outpatients attending services during that time are encouraged to complete a survey. We also ask for their comments about the Food Pantry. The results are then shared with patients, staff, and our Board, and are used to help improve our services.  We also survey people who are discharging inpatient care.

Parkside’s mission is to provide outstanding mental health and support services. In order to meet this mission, we survey our clients twice a year and use those results to educate our staff and improve services. We ask clients to share their experiences with Parkside services, people and food pantry- both positive and negative. In December 2019, 100% of our outpatient clients say they would recommend Parkside to others and 100% say they are pleased overall with their experience. Those discharging inpatient services we asked to compare Parkside with other inpatient placements they had experienced. Inpatients are surveyed continuously.  For the second quarter of 2021, of those served on the Adolescent Acute unit, 79% preferred Parkside to other facilities where they had previously been treated.  100% of the patients on the Adolescent Residential unit preferred Parkside. The children’s unit reported 83% preferred Parkside over other providers and 83% of Adult inpatients did.

Parkside appreciates the feedback provided and incorporates it into ongoing performance improvement plans. If you would like to see more detail on this satisfaction survey, you can click below to open a table with specific survey results and demographic information.

OP Satisfaction Survey