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Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry

Few of us manage to make it from the crib to college without encountering some difficulties as we age.  For some children, difficulties may grow into behaviors, emotions, or feelings that disrupt their normal lives or development.   Youth who have experienced trauma may have difficulty coping, be unable to sleep or concentrate, have difficulty getting along with others, or may get involved with drugs.

Help is available from a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

A Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist is a physician with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of thinking, feeling and behavioral problems linked to psychiatric disorders in youth.   They have a thorough knowledge of child development, family dynamics, disorders that appear in childhood, learning disabilities, mood disorders, depressive and anxiety disorders, substance abuse and dependency, and delinquency.

A Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist can make a determination as to the individual treatment needs and level of care a child or adolescent may need when they are having problems.   A comprehensive diagnostic interview and examination helps the patient and family to join with therapists and other treatment team members to develop a treatment plan to address the child’s problems in an outpatient or, at time, inpatient treatment setting.

Parkside offers several treatment programs for youth:

Residential Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment (ages 5-17)

Our Residential Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program focuses on youth between 5 and 17 years of age who need ongoing and extensive support. Parkside’s residential care facility treats boys and girls suffering with depression, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma, and behavioral problems. These programs teach necessary skills designed to help them respond to life’s challenges in a healthier manner. We also encourage the development of social skills with expressive therapy groups. Participation in family therapy is required and critical to positive treatment outcomes. School is provided on-site, and structured physical and recreational activities are part of each child’s treatment.

Hospitalization/Acute Care for Children and Adolescents (ages 5-17)

If a youth is at risk of harming themselves or others, one of Parkside’s psychiatrists will provide an admission order. Parkside’s inpatient hospital units serve youth 5 to 17 with a focus on safety and stabilization. Patients benefit from physician directed care and intensive daily structure including physical and recreational activities. School is provided on-site and individualized treatment plans are designed to include psychosocial rehabilitation, individual and group therapies. As a critical aspect of treatment, family therapy is required.

In some circumstances, youth with chemical dependency diagnosis might require medical detoxification. They will receive a custom designed treatment plan that addresses thoughts, feelings, and behaviors contributing to addiction. They will also develop and implement a personal recovery and relapse prevention plans. Medications may be used as a supportive therapy.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient Treatment (ages 5-17)

Our outpatient program serves children and adolescents who are struggling to cope. Youth receive the help they need while continuing their daily lives at home. Some youth might require a physician directed medication management. Our outpatient therapists are licensed professionals who help young patients through individual and family therapies. The program also includes licensed alcohol and drug counselors to help patients with chemical dependency issues.

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