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Emergency & 24 hour help call

By Your Side Programs

Committed to delivering mental health care with excellence and compassion, Parkside also delivers a number of other programs that further overall health and well being.  Through Parkside’s “By Your Side” program, patients in need can receive at no cost:

  • Non-perishable food and personal hygiene items for themselves and family members.
  • Clothing for themselves and family members.
  • Transportation assistance through bus tokens and taxi vouchers for those without other means of transportation to and from Parkside.
  • Books to feed young minds and keep adults engaged and learning.

Why are there children’s books in the By Your Side Program?

We know when parents are involved in their child’s reading it has positive and long lasting results.  Research shows that of all school subjects, reading has been found to be most sensitive to parental influences.

Studies also show that children whose parents are involved in their reading show greater social and emotional development including:

  • More resilience to stress
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Greater self-direction
  • Greater social adjustment
  • Greater mental health
  • More supportive relationships
  • Greater social competence
  • More positive peer relations
  • More tolerance
  • Less delinquent behaviors

(Desforges & Abouchaar, 2003) Besides all that, reading is simply fun!! Parents, when you receive a book for your child through the By Your Side Program, we encourage you to read the book together! (Thank you to Volunteers of America for sharing many great children’s books with Parkside!!)

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