COVID-19 Resource Page

If you’re feeling extra anxiety these days due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, you’re not alone.  This pandemic has us all facing more stress and uncertainty than usual. 

The important thing to know is that there are measures we can take to help us.  That’s why Parkside has compiled this helpful resource guide for you and your family.  Please click one of the links to learn more about each topic. 



How to Socially Connect While Maintaining Distance:


7 Ways to Manage and Reduce Stress


Tips for Visiting Grandparents


Parents, Children and Adolescents

Tips for Children Going Back to School Safely


Trauma in Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic


How to Protect Our Children’s Emotional Wellbeing during COVID-19


Emotional Health & Wellness

How to Practice Mindfulness Amidst COVID-19


Self-Care & Coping Skills


How to Make Healthy Choices during Periods of Stress


5 Tips to Stay Active at Home


Local & State COVID-19 Information

Tulsa County Health Department: COVID-19 Cases


Oklahoma State Department of Health