Jeremy Elledge, LCSW, to Present on Trauma at Parkside

This Friday, Parkside is proud to host a continuing education event led by Jeremy Elledge, LCSW, on the topic of healing from trauma.

The sold-out workshop, called "ACEs, Injuries & Healing," will promote understanding of the real, physiological injury of trauma, as well as the natural symptoms of post-traumatic impacts and the problematic emotional and behavioral challenges we see in survivors who have grown up in unsafe communities or homes. Psychological trauma, especially when experienced during childhood, is a significant contributor to addictive and compulsive behavior, as well as mal-adaptive coping mechanisms such as substance abuse. 

Participants will enhance their abilities to treat patients who have experienced trauma. Elledge will explain basic information on neural/emotional development, injured behaviors resulting from trauma, and the need for emotional intelligence and community. He will also explain the importance of play for children, and how and why certain types of experiences stimulate healthy development and healing from traumatic injuries.

Jeremy Elledge received his master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma School of Social Work in 2005 followed by his LCSW and is one of a limited number of "Trauma Specialists" in Oklahoma, trained by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. Jeremy is the owner and founder of NewView Healing Solutions and has developed the concept and philosophy of “Injuries: Causing Injured Behavior,” which addresses problems stemming from traumatic impacts in both individual and group therapy settings, among other creative approaches to treatment.  

While Friday's event is sold out, keep an eye on our Events page for future trainings. Parkside is committed to contributing to the greater mental health community by offering several continuing education events each year that address important topics in our field. CEs, Injuri mentes & Heali